Angel of Mercy

While data mining at Angel of Mercy hospital, data analyst Cass Dumont turns up information suggesting there are too many heart attacks. Everyone says it can’t be true, but the data doesn’t lie. Too many heart attacks, and no good explanation. Being a woman who loves puzzles, she can’t let it go. She has to know why.

Except there’s no evidence. And her image-conscious boss is angry at her for digging into it. And her boyfriend urges her to stop.

But she can’t get it out of her mind. What if equipment is malfunctioning? What if there’s a bad batch of medicine?

What if there’s an angel of death walking the halls?

Like many women sleuths, Cass has to deal with not just the medical mystery before her, but also the tenuous relationship with her boyfriend and the challenge of continuing her investigation when even the friendliest face hides an ulterior motive.

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